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Online tools and resources for vocabulary building

     Dear Penny,
How are you doing? I haven’t heard from you for a while.
Speaking about me, I’m fine. I have started a new course in the university which is called the Lexical Management. I think you can figure out what we are doing during the classes with remarkable ease. This course helps us build our vocabulary by using online tools. As you liked English, I think that these resources will make you feel enthusiastic about learning this foreign language as well as brush up on some constructions.
First and foremost, I’d like to tell you about some vocabulary dictionaries. They include Urban Dictionary, MacMillan Dictionary and Cambridge Dictionary. Urban Dictionary describes words in more informal context. You are able to make comments there. It is a great opportunity to rack your brains, because you can provide your own definitely. Usually, people use it mostly for slang. MacMillan Dictionary gives you a great example how to use this word in the sentence. If you are got used to work by a step-by-step approach you should try Cambridge Dictionary. It provides definition for different English lever-learners.

If talk about online tools, Tagul and Quizlet are definitely worth mentioning. Most of all, I like using Tagul. With the help of it, you can show your creativeness. It forms word clouds from the lists using different symbols. In the same time Quizlet is the first tool is used for creating flashcards and learning words with their help. This resource breaks down the task down into several stages. At first, you learn new words, and then you can play with them, pass different tests and so on. In fact, this tool is very effective as you revise the words, and because of this, you start to know them like a back of your hand.

Quizlet :
I hope that you’ll get the hang of using these tools, and they will be as effective for recalling and learning words as they were for me.
Lots of love,

His Story. Her Story.

One of the most interesting person in Ukrainian history is Taras Shevchenko. First of all, he made useful contributions in Ukrainian literature. The poems of this author lied behind Ukrainian poetry.
From his childhood Taras was poor. He had to fight for his life. Sometimes he failed miserably, but never gave up, even when his hopes were dashed.

Taras Shevchenko knew that he lived in that time when locan government didn’t give usual people a say. He took this problem seriously and wanted to do something about it. That’s how he started to write his masterpieces.

His poems had a huge effect on simple people. He persuaded them to put up a heroic fight against cruel enemies, who invade our country. Taras Shevchenko cause a sensation to all country. However, because of that his poems made a bad impression of him and caused uproar in local councils. They understood he tried to provoke an outcry. Young man started to have a lot of influence on population in short time. Civilian authorities realized if they didn’t do something then they would have to face the consequences.

Exactly at that point of his life this boy was enlisted personnel. So government used this possibility and made him to join the army.  During his service he was taken prisoner and died in capture.

Taras Shevchenko offered resistance till the last day of his life. We enjoy the fruits of his hard work even through many years. His poems come in useful for us even nowadays. They bring about our confidence that everything will be fine one day.

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Money Matters

Today I tried really interesting and useful game which called SPENT.

This game teach you how to use your money right. It offers you different situation from real life. For example lend your money to a friend when you live on a shoestring and so on. Sometimes it even gives you possibility to became a payee.

I was broken after 20 days. How fast you will spend your money?

Here is the page of one lucky girl, who manage to win a lottery. Add her to your friends list!


Techniques and strategies of vocabulary building

Building up a vocabulary is one of the biggest challenges in learning a foreign language. For this reason, there is a wide variety of methods to make this process less frustrating and more interesting. Today I’d like to share the ways which I find the most helpful in expanding vocabulary with you in detail.
First and foremost, ask yourself why you’re motivated to learn a particular foreign language. If you find the answer, keep your mind on it and never let any obstacles stop you from achieving your goal.
Secondly, remember that practice makes perfect. For this reason, take learning vocabulary seriously and do not hesitate about looking an unfamiliar word up in the dictionary and writing it in your notebook. Also, do not forget to brush up on them from time to time.
Thirdly, instead of just writing a single word, record them in a context and try relate to something. Such an approach will help you recall a word with a remarkable ease, thus making yourself understood when meeting with a foreigner.
Finally, don’t be afraid of using stickers. This method actually is the most effective as you surround yourself with the language. Whether you want it or not, you notice these stickers and the words written on them.
These are just the methods I use. Some of them you may find appropriate and helpful while the others — ineffective. So, do not limit yourself to these ways of enriching vocabulary. Take your time and find a way which will work for you.
The link to the article: 

  • bulking up
  • neurological impact
  • treadmill
  • triple
  • lab rodent
  • to gather
  • an array
  • sedentary
  • attached
  • regimen
  • to sprint
  • discernible
  • beneficial
  • blood vessels
  • for the sake


Sound Mind in a Sound Body

Nowadays a great deal of students leads a hectic lifestyle. For this reason, they aren’t often given the chance of eating some nourishing meals and taking vigorous exercises. What results can it have in the future? How can we escape the negative consequences?
Eating habits and physical activity of the students, their consequences
All the students are people and they can’t go without food. However, due to the lack of time, they don’t have an opportunity to cook a healthy meal. In fact, even if they do cook something, they usually fry their meals in a considerable amount of oil making them greasy and stodgy. Still, most of the students prefer just to have a quick snack or eat some processed foods and ready meals full of food additives. As a result, they do not eat a balanced diet and suffer from indigestion and stomach ache.
Furthermore, because of their studies, students usually lead a sedentary lifestyle. Although they follow different fitness programmes, they rarely stick to them. Therefore, the students, who fill themselves up with food, don’t burn their energy up and quickly put on weight.
What can be done?
It will be a sensible decision for students to cut down on junk food. Although it may be a tough decision, they should take care of their health and eat only fresh produce and home-cooked food.
Moreover, it is important to have short breaks while doing homework. Then, students will be able to do some exercises and relax a bit. It will help not only keep fit, but also learn the necessary information more quickly.

Creating a Company

Have you ever thought about working in a travelling agency? Such idea crossed your mind, but you couldn’t find the agency in our city. Then you can think about it one more time. Thanks to the backing of the WonderInc. we were able to tackle this problem.
From this day on there is an out of this world travelling agency in Parlin. The reason for its creation is connected with the fact that we want the citizens to travel abroad and throughout the country. Also, it is a perfect opportunity to get a job for person people.
Our motto is “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”.
To tell you the truth, there are only two vacancies left, a counselor and an accountant. Both of these jobs are rewarding and fulfilling. Your salary will be about 2000 $ per month. We guarantee you a benefits package, a maternity or paternity leave and a comprehensive healthcare provision. Moreover, if you work overtime, you’ll receive a bonus.
Also, there is a canteen not far from the agency. So, if you want to have a tea break, you’re more than welcome to visit this place.
However, you must be ready to encounter some difficulties in the selection and working process. In order to apply for a vacancy, you have to put together your CV, fill in application forms and provide references. In addition, it’s important for you to learn to deal with the problems as well as work well in a team. If you meet all the requirements, you will definitely fit in our agency.
As you see, these positions are not for everyone. They are only for people who are ready to take on responsibilities and master new skills
We’re waiting for you!


Education is an essential part of everyone’s life. However, people often confuse getting an education with working a way through college or school. Sugata Mitra and Ken Robinson try to explain what are the problems and what should be taken into account in the sphere of education in their videos.
Sugata Mitra takes the view that not only children from the rich families but also from the poor families can obtain a good education. In fact, the children from suburbs are quick learners. To figure something out and learn something is as easy as ABC for them. They are distinguished by their mental agility in acquiring knowledge which can even increase when they are praised. Therefore, Mitra concludes that children are capable of self-educating. All they need is to be directed.
In his turn, Ken Robinson honestly thinks that schools make students the same. He grasps the importance of being unique and different and states that schools do not take this into consideration. Their main aim is to make the children the straight A students that often goes in the price of identity. Also, Robinson says that children are distinguished by their curiosity. For this reason, students are just in need of a leading authority in the field, and they can burn the midnight oil on their own.
Speaking about some changes in the educational system of Ukraine, I would probably recommend stopping giving low marks to the students. In such a way, they would have a desire to demonstrate their abilities and won’t fall behind with some subjects. Moreover, I would advise that new teaching staff be hired as the present teachers from the old school do not satisfy the needs of the students.  Next is that government should provide good technical support (like free wi-fi, computers). Finally, I would recommend providing the students with an opportunity to do a course they like. Not all the students have a natural talent, for instance, for learning foreign languages, and they can’t keep up with the others. However, if they chose any other subject, they could show a marked improvement.